Diner en Blanc & Summer ’15 Wrap

Thousands gathered at Canada Place for the event of the summer - Diner en Blanc. The parisian event is not just a party, it truly is an experience that makes you feel above the clouds. A sea of white, sunset, the west coast backdrop of the city and ocean, and guests toasting with glasses of [...]


Surfing in Tofino #MMxLB

It's no secret that Meagan from Living Boldly and I LOVE living an active lifestyle. I know what you're thinking... typical Vancouverites, right? We are hooked to getting outdoors and challenging ourselves because of how fitness makes us feel; Strong, healthy, focussed and accomplished- And we have tons of fun while we do it!  Since I [...]

Video: Raincouver Umbrella Etiquette

I love Vancouver.  I even sometimes love the rain, especially when I go running.  Those times, however, when I am without my car and I'm walking to my destinations in pouring rain- not so much... especially those times when I almost lose an eye because someone is not watching where they are going... Time to [...]