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Novus TV: Holiday style with Robson Street

It’s officially the first day of Winter and do you know what that means? Holiday season is here!

There is still plenty of time to plan your attire, and to help with that, in the latest segment for Novus TV we teamed up with Robson Street to learn what to wear for this season’s festivities.


Behind The Scenes | Photo Credit: Randa Salloum


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Summer ’16 wrap & news…

It’s a good thing I put the disclaimer in my last post that I don’t update the blog very often, because how has it been 3 months since I wrote?  Lol it just takes 1/4 of a year for me to get back on here… time flies!

That said, I always feel like Diner en Blanc is the best way to wrap the summer! This year was outstanding – 6000 people! It’s no surprise though, The Social Concierge‘s expertise is creating an enchanting experience and events.

My favourite part is when all the sparklers come out to light up the Vancouver night sky.


FASCINATOR Entitled Hats Canada | DRESS Aritzia Wilfred Free | SHOWS Le Chateau Photo By: Lyndi Barrett of Style Calling


EARRINGS Leah Alexandra Moonstone Sunny Earjackets | CHOKER an old Aldo headband! Photo By: Lyndi Barrett of Style Calling

As I said, this summer has flown – and what a blast it has been because after all these years, hard work, sweat and tears – I can finally share I’m a News Anchor at CKNW!

I joined the respected news team about 3 months ago, and for the first time in my life, I can actually say I’m exactly where I want to be.

When I am in the newsroom, I get butterflies every single time and there is nothing else I think about except the stories and the moment I’m in.

I’ll never forget my first shift; I was terrified. My entire body was shaking and I would repeatedly say to myself “the scariest moment is before you begin.”

Completely exhilarating. I truly feel so blessed and lucky to have what I have, and do what I love for a living. And the exciting part is, this is just the beginning!

My goal is to hook my generation back to mainstream news and media, thrilled to do that with you!

More radio news… I am still with AM730 Traffic too!  And in case you missed the last #SWSTV I did with CFOX’s Adam Baldwin from The Jeff O’Neil Show… look no further 😉


Teamed up with Vancouver’s fashion district, Robson Street, for Spring/Summer fashion tips… (you rocked it, Teri!)

And with my fitness guru – Owner and instructor of Oxygen Yoga and Fitness Yaletown Kate Marshall, focussing on running.

One more note…


FASCINATOR Entitled Hats Canada | DRESS Aritzia | SHOES Le Chateau

Picture By: Roberto Sousa FASCINATOR Entitled Hats Canada | DRESS Aritzia | SHOES Le Chateau

Picture By: Charles Zuckermann

Picture By: Charles Zuckermann

Picture By: Meagan Faye

Picture By: Meagan Faye

Besides hiking, beachin’ and enjoying patios with the girls – The Deighton Cup and Diner en Blanc are my 2 favourite summer events!

Hope all of you are enjoying yours too!

Until next time!



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Up to speed…

I’m back again! …Again!  The past several months have flown and it’s exciting to see what’s changed, and what’s to come.

Before I update you on what I’ve been up to, I will note that I don’t consider myself a blogger (power to you ladies and gents who rock theirs on the daily!), so I don’t know how consistent I will be updating the site moving forward, but I will be as much as time allows.

When I used to blog (a LONG time ago) it was very inconsistent, mostly because I never felt fully fulfilled with the content I wrote about – don’t get me wrong, it was fun, but I wanted to write about more – just didn’t know what.

Now I found my niche.

I love sharing my work, discussing relevant news and sharing my passions/hobbies – and talking about what the Best Coast Vancouver has to offer.

You’ll see what I mean as time goes on – lets get to the now.

I’m so happy to share that I am part of the Corus Entertainment family with AM730 as a Traffic Anchor (follow on Twitter @AM730Traffic).  I can’t even put in words how rewarding it is to work with my awesome team and to be reporting here in Vancouver.
I am extremely fortunate to be in the same building to work alongside the talented reporters/announcers at CKNW, CFOX and Rock 101.

Then this happened – Guest Co-Hosting #SWSTV with my buddy Adam Baldwin (@fatandbrown) from the The Jeff O’Neil Show!

You guys need to watch these videos – HILARious and Adam drops them every Friday with Silly, Weird, Strange, Trending, Viral stories! For more – go to The Jeff O’Neil Show’s page (@JeffONeilShow).

Here is a couple videos we shot:

The new pizza app for your smartphone:


Working for Netflix as an Instagrammer:

In September I joined the City Lights roster at Novus TV (@NovusNow) where I mostly produce/report fitness, nutrition and a little bit of entertainment. The very talented team is an absolute pleasure to work with; they’re open to ideas and creating eccentric content.

Here are a few of my favourite segments, and of course for more, go to Novus TV’s YouTube channel.

Novus TV goes to Vega Headquarters to learn all about making the perfect smoothie:

Keeping our fitness on ‘track’ with Eastwood Cycle:

Turning up the heat at Oxygen Yoga & Fitness Yaletown:

In a couple weeks I will be sharing some more exciting ‘news,’ so stay tuned!


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Feature | The Juicery Co.

The Juicery Co. opened their 4th location in Kitsilano since launching in February 2014 and I had the opportunity to learn about their driving force that inspires them everyday.

Big thank you to Christina Prevost and Alex Troll for sharing your story!

Co-Founder Christina Prevost, myself & Co-Founder Alex Troll

Co-Founder Christina Prevost, myself & Co-Founder Alex Troll

Photo By Christina Prevost

Photo By Christina Prevost


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Surfing in Tofino #MMxLB

It’s no secret that Meagan from Living Boldly and I LOVE living an active lifestyle. I know what you’re thinking… typical Vancouverites, right?

We are hooked to getting outdoors and challenging ourselves because of how fitness makes us feel; Strong, healthy, focussed and accomplished- And we have tons of fun while we do it!  Since I could walk I’ve been extremely active. Fitness is my stress reliever, how I reset and brainstorm creative ideas.

With that said, we thought we would team up to share our adventures and how we like to stay active!

First spontaneous adventure on the menu: Winter Surfing.

I used to live on Vancouver Island so it felt great to be back. I miss the days when friends and I used to drive out to Tofino and hit the waves! Car rides singing our hearts out (watch out when Sweet Child O’ Mine comes on), pit stops to jump in the freezing rivers and the company.

Last year I had my first taste of a winter surf and I must say… I’m hooked. Considering I’m a huge baby when it comes to being cold, the wetsuit still kept me quite warm and the only difference was wearing gloves and a hood while the water temperature is about a degree or two off from what it is in the summer.
Plus, the waves are bigger!

 Meagan and I fuelled up using a Pre-Workout Smoothie recipe from our friends at Vega (ingredients below) and decided to hit the waves!

This year was incredible on the beach and did not feel like winter- it was 14 degrees!

Out sitting on the board the sunshine felt like a heat lamp and the water crisp and refreshing- but that calm drifted away when those waves came crashing in and it was time to paddle your heart out to catch them! Since long distance running is my go-to, paddling challenged my core and upper body strength but you don’t notice how hard you’re pushing because of the adrenaline and focus to get up.

I almost forgot how exhilarating it feels to stand up on the board and ride those waves, an energy so addicting- I just wanted to go back for more! Completely wiping out is just as fun too- which I am proud to say, I’m very good at.

We are no pro surfers- so enjoy watching us get our butts handed to us…

Special thank you to our amazing team!

Music: Kill Them With Colour @KillThemWithColour
Production: Sarah Brownlee & Kyle Dykstra
Clothing: Lululemon #TheSweatLife
Fuel: Vega Team #BestLifeProject
Surf Equipment: Pacific Surf Co.

Our Pre-Surf Smoothie (2 servings):

* 1 serving of Vega Sport Pre Workout Energizer
* 2 cups frozen fruit
* 1 tbsp Coconut butter
* Water & Ice

What We Wore:

Moi: Namaskar Hoodie
Meagan: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew


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Video: Raincouver Umbrella Etiquette

I love Vancouver.  I even sometimes love the rain, especially when I go running.  Those times, however, when I am without my car and I’m walking to my destinations in pouring rain- not so much… especially those times when I almost lose an eye because someone is not watching where they are going…

Time to set the record straight.

Big thank you to the team at The Umbrella Shop!