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I’m practically living in my kimono these days, which ‘fits’ my west coast style.

You don’t need to be at a music festival to wear one.  I love dressing my kimono up with some cool leggings, wedges and accessories, or for those days that I want to be relaxed, I’ll often pair it with my boyfriend jeans and heels or high waist denim shorts with some embellished sandals.

The Kimono is definitely a trendy staple to have in your wardrobe this season.  Have fun mixing prints and colours with it’s floral palette.

Kimono H&M | Black Tank H&M | Leggings AMERICAN APPAREL | Shoes CHARLOTTE RUSSE

Kimono H&M | Black Tank H&M | Leggings AMERICAN APPAREL | Shoes CHARLOTTE RUSSE

DETAILS Necklace H&M | Ring SOCIAL EXPERIMENT | Bracelet MALA BEADS & GIFTED CHAIN | Headband ZARA Nail Polish MARC JACOBS 110 Gatsby

Nail Polish MARC JACOBS 110 Gatsby





Peace out!

Peace out!



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Foot Notes

Being a full time student with limited to no shopping has got to be my best experience styling.  I have learned to become more open minded and daring to embrace a new approach of mixing and matching pieces.

With that said, a  look that I can’t get enough of, which is not only practical with this cold time of year, however original and unique, is pairing socks and pumps.  Wedges, open-toe or strappy, the look is preppy but adds a subtle edge; more than often fall shorts, skirts and dresses work best.  Knee high socks are a classic, but I actually prefer ankle to mid calf length socks better.

Once you start experimenting you’ll see how versatile this look really is.  Try not to be too “matchy matchy” because it takes away the effortless ease the subtly adds, but do try to incorporate some similar colours from your outfit.

How will you wear yours?


Picture courtesy of Pinterest


Photos courtesy of Pinterest


Photo courtesy of Pinterest


Photo courtesy of Asos


Images courtesy of Pinterest


Photo courtesy of Pinterest


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White Now

This extended patio weather is AMAZING;  We don’t need to put all of our summer wear away just yet!

When Mother Nature isn’t being this generous with the heat, we can still incorporate our summer pieces with our fall layers to transition.  I adore seeing summer dresses layered with knits, booties and jackets.

We have all heard about the little black dress.  Well, now the Little White Dress is shouting… and I’m listening.  The LWD is versatile and will take us through the colder months offering great outfits.  Having elegance with simplicity makes styling effortless, which fashion should be, and of course, accessorized with confidence.

How I’ll wear mine, you ask?  White is pure, add edge with a leather jacket, be cozy with long knit sweaters over top with some statement jewelry and booties, or add black tights with some nude pumps during a night out!


Images courtesy of Pinterest


Images courtesy of Pinterest

Don’t have a LWD yet?  No worries, I got you covered.  Below are some great finds I hunted down in store.


Image courtesy of Zara


Photo Courtesy of H&M
Fine-knit Dress $24.95 CAD

How will you wear yours?


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Mixing Metals

When I style outfits I am immediately drawn to gold accessories, especially with the sun-kissed skin that Mother Nature has been so kind to dress me in, they glow together. However, lately I found I’ve developed a wandering eye for silver jewelry, which can cause a fashionable dilemma! Well, I’m done with rules, so instead of following the concept of “matching metals,” lets play with them instead! Gold glows and silver accents sparkle in the sunshine, pairing them together look beautiful!


Oak + Fort ANALIS Tunic | H&M Sandals | Zara Necklace | H&M Clutch

I especially love mixing metals with a black palette, like my Oak + Fort Analis Tunic- my first ever t-shirt dress that actually fits me perfectly in all the right places!

Boyfriend jeans and a casual top is also another great outfit to experiment with mixing metals, both match the easy-going feel.



Here are a few tips to Mix Metals:

* Great transitional pieces are pearls and diamonds because they are classics and act as a neutral.
* Subtlety is key, smaller details are better to add, rather than too many bold silver and gold pieces (like in the picture I added one small silver knuckle ring on one hand with a gold ring and bracelet.
* Try not to think about it too much! “Effortless” should be just that, simple accents.


Love Coco Bracelet | Loft 82 Chevron Ring | Gifted Silver Ring


TOP: Social Experiment Ring | Loft 82 “M” Ring | Zara Necklace




Aldo Stud Earrings

Photos by Sarah Brownlee Photography




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Flower Power


Ambiance Apparel Top | Wilfred Silk Shorts | Dolce Vita Sandals

How boho can I go?  I’m such a poet.  It was only a matter of time that my obsession with headbands would transition into flowers from the whimsical outfits I have been compelled to wear lately.  Summer, the time of music festivals and beach siestas, is the opportunity to experiment with style and trends that usually aren’t worn on a daily basis, which inspires new fashion.  However, lets be honest… what girl doesn’t want to wear flowers in her hair as soon as they’re in bloom?



Crown by Moi!

Last week I came home to Vancouver for the weekend, it felt so good to see my girls, surrounded by inspiration everywhere I looked and to feel the energy of the city, realizing I really can’t live anywhere else.  As nice as it is to spend time away on the island, it’s an incredible feeling coming back home.  One thing I’m packing to bring back to the city is the encouragement of more conversing between people.  It’s so interesting to observe how different interactions are between people with only a two hour ferry ride in between.  I adore the random conversations or just simple smiles and “hellos” over here.  It is SO refreshing!  Not everyone is on their phone texting/instagramming/facebooking/tweeting etc (which I am guilty for too!).  With that said, Vancouver… lets make more of an effort to get to know each other or start a random conversation, even a simple greeting in a coffee shop line, you might make someones day by a friendly act of kindness!

Back to the outfit!  I was surprised how easy it was to style my ‘crown.’  Flower crowns are best worn with simple outfits and minimal accessories because the piece itself is beautiful art and you don’t want to overwhelm the look or take away from it.  This outfit I favoured most because it’s simple but trendy with the high waist;  Shorts, neutral top and flat sandals with subtle detail worked well together.

My favourite ways to wear Flower Crowns:

–  A maxi skirt with a simple T-Shirt/Tank top.
–  T-shirt dresses look stunning with flower crowns also.  They flow so beautifully together.
–  Boyfriend jeans, blouse and heels!

Balance and simplicity is key when styling with any extravagant piece!




TOP: “M” LOFT 82 Ring | BOTTOM: Dolce Vita Sandals




Photography by Sarah Brownlee Photography


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Cool In The Sunshine

As previously stated in the latest post, No Time To Waste, it’s important to have essentials on hand so when you’re ready to go, no matter what, you are effortlessly chic.  One rule I live by when shopping is that if you find a beautiful white top, get it because you can never own enough of them!  Classic and versatile, it’s easy to pair stunning accessories, especially when you’re in a hurry, which dresses up your look in a snap.

Here are two ways to rock the currently trendy high waist denim shorts with a white top, simple right?


TopShop Blouse | Zara Black Tank Top | American Eagle Festival Shorts | H&M Belt | H&M Sandals


b13 2

BCBG Cougar Ring | Sand Tropez Nail Polish by Essie


Olive + Piper Alpine Necklace #oliveit

I love this outfit because it really can take you anywhere!  Not only is it convenient because it’s cool in the warm sunshine, but the laid back essence of denim cutoffs and loose fitting blouse dolled up with unique pieces can be appropriate for a patio or fun for a BBQ with friends.


Back shot! Rocking my new favourite Toms Sunnies!

Yes!  The denim cutoffs with *gasp* a different white top!  First setting eyes on this blouse my jaw dropped from the beautiful pleats in the back;  A structured flow, how could this not be interesting to style with?  Wanting to compliment the detail in the back, I only tucked in the front and kept accessories simple with a headband and bracelet.  I was feeling so carefree with this look that I decided just to kick my shoes off and feel a little like a flower child… which inspired more looks! (Stay tuned for those!)
It’s not hard to adore how this outfit made me feel, perfect for a day at the park or beach house!


Olive & Oak Blouse | Zara Headband



Love Coco Bracelet | Urban Outfitters Bralette


Photos by Sarah Brownlee Photography

Which outfit do you like best?


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No Time To Waste

Sand in between my toes, sangria on the patio and adventures in the sunshine;  How could summer not be my favourite time of year?  Back home on the island and loving it!  Also wondering where the past couple of weeks had gone?   Time has been flying from spending time with loved ones and enjoying the sunshine.  With that said, there is no time to waste, especially from figuring out what to wear!  I have been saving time by having my essentials ready, so I’m effortlessly put together while on trend, of course.

This season I am inspired by 1970’s festivals and the beautiful blue ocean;  Fringe details, classic nautical stripes, flowing dresses and boho-chic accessories;  Here is a list of a few of my go-to’s.

summeressentials copy

(1) H&M High Waist Worn Denim Shorts (2) River Island Leaf And Cup Chain Stretch Headband (3) TopShop Open Back Fishtail Blouse (4) Halston Heritage Two-Tone Georgette Maxi Dress (5) Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Saffiano Travel Tote (6) River Island Black and White Striped Crop Top (7) Toms Sandela Black Sunglasses (8) Manolo Blahnik Unnerta

(1)  High Waisted Shorts!  Okay, so when I purchased mine, I wasn’t sure if I could actually “pull them off,”  usually these look stunning on women with long legs, but from experimenting with different blouses, crop tops and heels- they are my favourite for summer!  Versatile, from the beach to the boardwalk you’re covered.

(2) I am obsessed with head jewelry.  They add a touch of elegance to a simple outfit.  Wear them with your hair down or in a messy braid and feel a little bit like a flower child!

(3)  A crisp white top with an asymmetrical hem or an open back adds an original flare to a classic.

(4)  Maxi dress, no explanation necessary, they are elegant and versatile.

(5)  A neutral tote is a must to keep all your goodies with you at all times so that you’re ready for any summer adventures that come your way!  Bikinis, flip flops, sunscreen, the list goes on!

(6)  Nautical stripes are a staple for summer, I especially love tops that are cropped or with a low back because of the edge it adds.

(7) Sunnies!  These Toms are my favourite pair of sunglasses I have ever owned, modern with a seventies touch AND it goes towards a good cause.

(8) High Heel Sandals with an ankle strap;  Wear them with your favourite boyfriend jeans or your high waisted shorts, they will lengthen your legs and give your outfit an unexpected pop of colour!

Enjoy the sunshine!