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New Arrivals: Marc Jacobs Cosmetics

It’s been over a year and half since reading on that Marc Jacobs would be collaborating with Sephora to create a line of cosmetics;   The anticipated day my makeup bag has been waiting for arrived!

An extremely talented fashion designer with an unbelievable following around the globe, of all ages, and along with a beautiful line of fragrances (including one of my personal favourites, OH, LOLA), excitement to see what colours and fresh cosmetics Jacobs created would be an understatement.

Here are a few products, keep an eye out for them in my outfit posts!

photo 1


Let the obsessing begin…

photo 4


With many stunning shades to choose from, I fell in love with Dizzy Spell because this hue of pink complimented my tanned skin, fun for the current summer outfits, and also because it’s pale enough to rock a mod look.

photo 5


Generally choosing neutral shades of nail polish, “Gatsby” has a rich shine and is still versatile enough to wear with the many colours in my wardrobe (plus it has a fun metallic shine, which adds to the look of “Mixing Metals,” sound familiar?)

photo 1


Did you read the name?  Enough said…

photo 5


My Summer makeup is usually kept to a minimal with mascara, but since it’s a transitional point in the season for fashion, I’m looking forward to bringing back the cat eye or mod look with the lipstick, as mentioned above.



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Flower Power


Ambiance Apparel Top | Wilfred Silk Shorts | Dolce Vita Sandals

How boho can I go?  I’m such a poet.  It was only a matter of time that my obsession with headbands would transition into flowers from the whimsical outfits I have been compelled to wear lately.  Summer, the time of music festivals and beach siestas, is the opportunity to experiment with style and trends that usually aren’t worn on a daily basis, which inspires new fashion.  However, lets be honest… what girl doesn’t want to wear flowers in her hair as soon as they’re in bloom?



Crown by Moi!

Last week I came home to Vancouver for the weekend, it felt so good to see my girls, surrounded by inspiration everywhere I looked and to feel the energy of the city, realizing I really can’t live anywhere else.  As nice as it is to spend time away on the island, it’s an incredible feeling coming back home.  One thing I’m packing to bring back to the city is the encouragement of more conversing between people.  It’s so interesting to observe how different interactions are between people with only a two hour ferry ride in between.  I adore the random conversations or just simple smiles and “hellos” over here.  It is SO refreshing!  Not everyone is on their phone texting/instagramming/facebooking/tweeting etc (which I am guilty for too!).  With that said, Vancouver… lets make more of an effort to get to know each other or start a random conversation, even a simple greeting in a coffee shop line, you might make someones day by a friendly act of kindness!

Back to the outfit!  I was surprised how easy it was to style my ‘crown.’  Flower crowns are best worn with simple outfits and minimal accessories because the piece itself is beautiful art and you don’t want to overwhelm the look or take away from it.  This outfit I favoured most because it’s simple but trendy with the high waist;  Shorts, neutral top and flat sandals with subtle detail worked well together.

My favourite ways to wear Flower Crowns:

–  A maxi skirt with a simple T-Shirt/Tank top.
–  T-shirt dresses look stunning with flower crowns also.  They flow so beautifully together.
–  Boyfriend jeans, blouse and heels!

Balance and simplicity is key when styling with any extravagant piece!




TOP: “M” LOFT 82 Ring | BOTTOM: Dolce Vita Sandals




Photography by Sarah Brownlee Photography


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My Favourite Hair Products

Fashion is my forté, with that said I find styling my hair can be quite challenging.  Since attending the re-release of John Freida & Luxurious Volume Event with Christie Lohr of Style Nine to Five at the Shangri-La Xi Shi Lounge, I have been hooked to my new products!  I love the natural look of hair, not “texas hair,” that most women complain about, and these products truly deliver.  Opposite to what I thought, you don’t need very much, giving much life from these bottles, I use them practically every time I style my hair and each time I am happy with the results, which is fuller voluminous hair.

I have been using the expert tips given by John Freida’s Canadian Creative Consultant himself, Alain Larivée, and you don’t need to be a hairstylist to achieve what you want from your hair.  I have been using the entire line starting with the Shampoo and Conditioner to the final touches of the Luxurious Volume All-Day Hold Hairspray, and I notice a significant difference with my tresses.  This line is one of my favourites, comparing to many brands starting from inexpensive drug store brands to high end salons.  I now consider the Blow-Out Spray my secret weapon (don’t tell anyone!).

Photo Courtesy of Citizen Optimum PR

Photo Courtesy of Citizen Optimum PR

John Freida Canadian Creative Consultant Alain Larivée.  Photo Courtesy of Citizen Optimum PR/ Ellen Ho Photography

John Freida Canadian Creative Consultant Alain Larivée. Photo Courtesy of Citizen Optimum PR/ Ellen Ho Photography

John Freida Canadian Creative Consultant Alain Larivée. Photo Courtesy of Citizen Optimum PR/ Ellen Ho Photography

John Freida Canadian Creative Consultant Alain Larivée. Photo Courtesy of Citizen Optimum PR/ Ellen Ho Photography

I highly recommend you try it, here are some expert tips from Larivée that I now use to help achieve visibly naturally fuller hair:

(1) Thoroughly spray your hair close to the roots, blow dry hair lifting away from your roots using the beak of your hair dryer and a large barrel brush to curl with. Once you reach the end of your locks, hold the heat for a moment and then twist hair to let it fall.

(2) When you would like to curl your hair, he suggests hot rollers (remember those? they’re back!), take big sections of hair and smaller rollers, curling them not too close to the roots and then leave them in until they cool down. Once you take your curlers out, tilt your head back and run your fingers through to loosen curls up.

(3) Using your hairspray, hold the bottle an arm length away from your head and lift a few sections of hair up at a time for a light mist and let it fall.

Just a few easy tweaks doesn’t make desirable hair seem so far away! And for those days you don’t have time to wash your hair, all you need to do is spray some water onto your hair to reactivate the ingredients and repeat as desired.


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Current Obsession- Social Experiment

I am fortunate to live in the amazing city of Vancouver. The electrifying feel of Downtown with inspiration around every corner and endless invitations by Mother Nature to explore the breathtaking scenery she has to offer- from mountains to oceans, she has it all.  It was love at first sight when I set my eyes on Social Experiment, “One of a kind cocktail rings inspired by the West Coast.” Gorgeous is an understatement when describing these accessories by local designer, Georgia Heraty.

When placing my first order of Social Experiment on Etsy, self control had to be practiced to prevent myself from ordering every single one- so to start my collection off I only ordered two, the Blue Quartz and Red Garnet Cocktail Rings.  When receiving my rings, I was beyond ecstatic!  They fit beautifully and the quality of these hand crafted designs are impeccable.

Social Experiment offers an opportunity to celebrate the beauty of Vancouver with these one of a kind rings that compliment any outfit with their versatility.