Summer ’16 wrap & news…

Summer ’16 wrap & news…

It's a good thing I put the disclaimer in my last post that I don't update the blog very often, because how has it been 3 months since I wrote?  Lol it just takes 1/4 of a year for me to get back on here... time flies! That said, I always feel like Diner en [...]


Up to speed…

I'm back again! ...Again!  The past several months have flown and it's exciting to see what's changed, and what's to come. Before I update you on what I've been up to, I will note that I don't consider myself a blogger (power to you ladies and gents who rock theirs on the daily!), so I don't [...]

Talking Tinder on CKNW’s The Lynda Steele Show

Dating in Vancouver is terrible. So often I hear, from both girl friends and my close guy friends, that nobody gets approached anymore, or that it's hard to have a conversation because at times people can be a bit stand offish. After hearing comments like that, do you think that online dating would make the [...]

A new way to sweat in Yaletown

I'm not going to lie, I felt so cliche while I was walking to my Oxygen Yoga class! Blonde girl walking to a yoga studio, with a yoga mat, black leggings, hair in a top knot, Lululemon bag and a green drink in hand. I feel like if I threw the Valencia filter on myself, [...]

Diner en Blanc & Summer ’15 Wrap

Thousands gathered at Canada Place for the event of the summer - Diner en Blanc. The parisian event is not just a party, it truly is an experience that makes you feel above the clouds. A sea of white, sunset, the west coast backdrop of the city and ocean, and guests toasting with glasses of [...]