I’m a Canadian multimedia journalist telling news stories, and writing about lifestyle and entertainment.

This platform has been an evolving creative website for the past several years.  I actually launched it as a fashion blog back in the day when the trend was being born, and it has changed as much as its ‘chameleon’ writer today.

Before becoming a journalist, I fell in love with art: theatre, fashion design, and writing — I adored learning different ways of expression, and understanding how people told their personal stories; surviving their toughest feats.

When I first realized I wanted to make a living out of telling stories, my focus was on lifestyle and entertainment because I love making people smile and feel good.

I remember hearing, ‘when someone laughs, they forget their problems for 10 seconds.’
I don’t know how true that is — but if I could help someone forget their issues for a brief moment — my day was made.

Near the end of my last year of journalism school, my interest turned to news as well.  I especially loved working on long-form investigative pieces.

Reporting news is a privilege — not only is it a platform for those not heard, it’s documenting history as it unfolds.  A responsibility I will never take for granted.

Looking back, I’m appreciative that I found my calling a little later in life because I know now that being a journalist is exactly why I was put on this beautiful earth, and if it wasn’t for all the ‘hats’ I tried on, and self exploration, I wouldn’t feel this passionate or fulfilled.

I’m excited to see what comes next — I have a lot of aspirations — and a lot I want to see changed.

When I’m not writing, you can find me hitting the pavement for a solid long-distance run, hiking, having deep chats with my cats Henry and Waffles, or enjoying a large glass/bottle(s) of wine with my closest friends — my rocks!

Thank you for taking time to read my story — I love sharing conversations with you.