About MM

I am a multimedia journalist in Vancouver, B.C. with a passion for telling stories, exploring the beautiful west coast and what it has to offer.

With a background in entertainment, I launched msmichellemorton.com a few years ago as a lifestyle blog.  Not consistently posting content, I used the site as my creative outlet to share personal fashion tips, my experience as a stylist for Shaw’s television show Dream Homes, events I attended and fitness segments I host for Novus TV.

But I then finally landed where I have been longing to be in 2016 – in news.

I decided to continue with msmichellemorton.com to spark conversations, and expand stories, about what is happening right now, tomorrow – locally and beyond.

This platform is to loop my generation into current events, whether it’s about politics, the environment, or lifestyle and entertainment.

I hope you enjoy!