Roland Mouret at The Room

There is nothing sexier than a man who knows how to treat a woman and last week I was captivated by the handsome French Fashion Designer, Roland Mouret attending his event at The Room.  Mouret is a man of class and took time to meet every person that evening and posed for photos as he hypnotized the camera with his seducing eyes.  Mourets charm exudes through his timeless designs; Clean lines, bold colours, geometric cuts and silhouettes that mold to the female body oozes class, it’s no wonder women around the world obsess over his pieces. Well known for being one of Victoria Beckhams favourite designers (the pink Moon Dress became legendary when Beckham wore it, the dress sold out everywhere within days).  Roland Mouret designs remind me of earlier era’s such as the 40’s and 50’s when women wouldn’t leave their homes without their pearls and white gloves.

The charming Roland Mouret and I (Photo Courtesy of Randa Salloum)
Top Left: ‘The-Unprecedented’ Randa Salloum, ‘Van City Pretty’ Kendra Hagerman, myself and Global Televisions Mana Mansour.
Bottom Left: Style Nine to Five founder Christie Lohr and I
My Outfit: Wilfred Free Parleur Dress | Zara Necklace | H&M Clutch | Aldo ‘Heliette’ Shoes



I was on Cloud Nine surrounded by incredibly inspiring Vancouver personalities and fashion lovers.  The atmosphere was chic, filled with music and champagne, the energy was consuming!  All I needed was to be wearing the Galaxy Dress with Ryan Reynolds as my date to make the night perfect… a girl can dream!



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